Stories of recovery from our clients.

These are excepts from letters sent to NewPoint Behavioral Health Care.  To protect confidentiality no names or identifying information are used.

“ When my daughter was diagnosed with schizophrenia my family and I were devastated.  We didn’t know what to do.  We went on line but  felt overwhelmed and  helpless.   My daughter was hospitalized two times.   After the second time she was referred to Intensive Case Management  Services at NewPoint and they really helped guide us!   They came out when she was still in the hospital and helped her make a discharge plan.  They knew about all the programs that we looked up on line and knew which ones would be a good fit and which ones wouldn’t.  She  was hesitant at first  but agreed to let them help her set up her treatment,  and they referred  us to NewPoint’s  Intensive Family Support Service.    They helped us learn when to push and when to back off.   She did attend the program they suggested and after a while was doing much better and started a part time job.   She’s even been talking about taking a couple of college classes.”

“ My dad has always been a little depressed.  It became much worse when my step mom died.   He started drinking at night, not every night, but some.  Sometimes he would drink too much and call out of work the next day.   After a while he stopped going to work.  We were really worried and he agreed to go to a  counselor.  He went for a little bit but even when he wasn’t drinking he was miserable.  A family friend told us about the Fresh Start program at NewPoint.  We noticed a difference right away.  Being around others really helped him.  He said the therapists knew what they were talking about.  He started going out again and wasn’t moping around the house all day.”

“My daughter had a really bad experience in school being bullied.  The school was addressing the bullying but her anxiety was getting worse.  She started going to the nurse’s office a few times a week with a stomach ache..a headache.., and one of us would go get her.  We saw a therapist at NewPoint, and she really helped my daughter.  She also had great suggestions for us (when she goes to the nurse you can talk to her on the phone to sooth her but let her know you’re not picking her up).  She helped her deal with her anxiety and come up with practical solutions.  Lunch time seemed to be a great time of anxiety.  They made a plan for how to deal with it and the school was accommodating to the therapists suggestions.  After a few months she stopped going to the nurses office.”