Our History

NewPoint Behavioral Health Care

Affordable, Quality, Behavioral Health Care for Everyone

Historically, behavioral health care (aka mental health care)  was considered something that only the privileged had access to.  Toward the latter part of the 1950’s various agencies in Gloucester County came together and advocated for mental health care for everyone.

The New Jersey Mental Health Service Act (Chapter 146) was born in 1957.  This act allowed for consultation and public funds needed for the development of community services to address mental health concerns in Gloucester County.  At the same time the Gloucester County Mental Health Association was formed.

In 1958 the Gloucester County Guidance Center was developed to meet the need for quality mental health care.  Over the years we have grown and seen many changes.  The original Gloucester County Guidance Center has proudly become NewPoint Behavioral Health Care.  We have gone from one building to over nine sites currently serving Gloucester County.  As we have grown, community organizations, from schools and various local mental health agencies to the prosecutor’s office and police, have been supportive.

NewPoint Behavioral Health Care still has and always will have the goals we were founded on ~ Affordable, Quality, Behavioral Health Care for Everyone.